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Beware of Debt Relief Scams During the Pandemic

ScamThe current pandemic has caused massive shutdowns across the country. Businesses have closed and unemployment rates have soared. Without a stable source of income, some soon find themselves in debt. Any sign of relief such as a phone call or email saying that their debts can be reduced or forgiven altogether is a welcome one.

Unfortunately this type of situation makes those in need of assistance more susceptible to falling for debt relief scams. These are not normal times we are living in and with scammers trying to take advantage of the new "normal", now more than ever, people need to be more aware of how to spot scammers.

Click here to see more from AARP on Debt Relief Scams. This article includes Do's and Don'ts checklist of how to separate scams from reputable debt relief sources and a short video of scam warning signs.

If you have concerns about scams and other forms of elder abuse, contact an Elder Law attorney

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