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Can I be paid for taking care of my elderly parents?

Elder Mother and SonAs parents age and require more assistance, the adult children who care for them may find themselves in a complicated predicament.

Some elderly parents require more involved assistance than others with everyday activities such as meal preparation and getting dressed or bathed. With the high cost of hiring live-in caretakers, children may have no choice but to leave their jobs and move in with their parents to act as full-time live-in caretakers. 

Some might feel that this simply comes with the territory of being a son or daughter, but having to give up much of their personal freedom, along with their stream of income and benefits raises this burning question: should children get paid as caretakers of their parents?

To learn more about this growing trend, read this article from AARP and learn more about the scenarios to consider before collecting a salary. If you are caring for your elderly parents and would like to know more about how to best serve their interests and yours, contact a Foster Swift elder law attorney.

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